Webinar How to make a digital collection on a website in 15 minutes

  • Vrijdag 19 november 2021

  • Online

  • 10.15 - 11.00 uur


Durable, sustainable and usable. The Gender Heritage Connection aims to connect, share and distribute different data sets from different organisations. Join the webinar!

In a short video presentation we show how quickly you can share and present data from a good foundation – an end-to-end process at a rapid pace: Architecture choices, data review and modelling, standardization, back office configuration, SEO, front office usability, data ingestion, CMS configuration, data settings, search page, meta data choices, search facets.

Presention by

  • Kyle Snyder, data specialist at Atria
  • Ingrid Oostendorp, projectmanager & IT coordinator at Atria

The presentation will be in both Dutch and English.